Cemal Gürsel Soyel

Was born in Paphos/Cyprus in 1961. After beginning coursework in Art at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul (1980-1986), he settled in Vienna, where he graduated from the Department of Painting and Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. (1986-1990)

Cemal Gürsel Soyel lives and works in Vienna/Austria.


Personal Exhibition

2016                Get Lost, Versus Art Project, Istanbul/Turkey

2011                Traces, Artgalerim Nişantaşı, Art Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey

2010                Pi Artworks, Art Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey

2008                Die Monopol, Art Gallery, Innsbruck / Austria

2004                Moorhof, Eventlocation, Burgenland / Austria

2002                Studio Exhibition, Vienna / Austria

1994                HP Gallery, Art Gallery, Nicosia/ Cyprus

1991                Hotel Jessacher, Event Location, St. Jakob in Osttirol / Austria

1989                Galerie Seidengasse, Art Gallery, Vienna/ Austria


Group Exhibition

2017                Sublime, C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey

2017                NO PRESCRIPTION, Ekav Art Galerisi, Istanbul/Turkey

2017                Three position, Palais Breuner, Vienna/Austria

2016                30 Jahre Galerie Edition Stalzer, Palais Breuner, Vienna/Austria

2016                The Power Of Form, Plato Sanat, Istanbul/Turkey

2012                Apocalypse, Artgalerim Nişantaşı, Art Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey

2012                Algı Kapıları, Cep Sanat Galerisi, The Marmara Pera, Istanbul/Turkey

2012                II. Artgalerim Çağdaş Sanat Sempozyumu, Bodrum/Turkey

2012                All together V, Artgalerim Nişantaşı, Art Gallery,  Istanbul/Turkey

2011                All together IV, Artgalerim Nişantaşı, Art Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey

2012                Limitation, Rumeli Han, Studio, Istanbul/Turkey

2012                art and drums PROJEKT, Kabelwerk, Event Location, Vienna/Austria

2011                art and drums PROJEKT, Die Monopol, Art Gallery, Innsbruck / Austria

2011                All together III, Artgalerim Nişantaşı Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul/Turkey

2011                1st summer exhibition, Beyaz Art, Salesroom, Istanbul/Turkey

2010                Gallery group exhibition , Pi Artworks, Istanbul/Turkey

2007                Arkadische Landschaft, Galerie H17, Art Gallery, Vienna / Austria

2004                Nimsa Avusturya, Museum Sammlung Friedrichshof, Museum, Burgenland / Austria

1992                Haus Horn, Eventlocation, Lower Austria/ Austria

1991                Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Vienna / Austria

1988                Lehmden students, Wuk, Studio, Vienna / Austria

1987                Lehmden students, Atatürk Culture Centre, Nicosia / Cyprus

1986                young artists, Galerie Gretl Rhomberg, Art Gallery, Bregenz / Austria

1985 – 1990    anual final exhibition of academy of fine arts, Vienna/ Austria

1985                Baskı Sanatında Litografi, Maçka Sanat Galerisi, Art Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey

1984                young artists, Urart Sanat Galerisi, Art Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey



2016                Contemporary İstanbul, Versus Art Project, Istanbul/Turkey

2016                TÜYAP art fair, Istanbul/Turkey

2015                Contemporary İstanbul, Versus Art Project, Istanbul/Turkey

2014                TÜYAP art fair, Istanbul/Turkey

2013                TÜYAP art fair, Istanbul/Turkey

2012                Contemporary İstanbul,,Artgalerim Nişantaşı, Istanbul/Turkey

2012                Art Bosphorus, Artgalerim Nişantaşı, Istanbul/Turkey

2011                Contemporary İstanbul, Artgalerim Nişantaşı,Istanbul/Turkey

2011                Art Bosphorus Artgalerim Nişantaşı, Istanbul/Turkey



1990               1st at  International young artist contest Austria, St. Jakob, Osttirol / Austria